Our versatile, extendable container Units are perfect for Modular Housing - Offices - Portocabins - Changing Rooms - Storage and more!

The Extenda Line Product Range

  1. Extenda-Store: Quick, easy extra Storage 
  2. Extenda-Insulated Store: Perfect insulation for sensitive items
  3. Extenda-Chem: COSHH approved. Choose from Standard, Premier or Regal
  4. Extenda-Space: Small lightweight, storage for inaccessible locations
  1. Extenda-Room: Accommodation
  2. Extenda-Office: Offices
  3. Extenda-Kabin: Extra small work areas, kiosks, etc.

We offer a range of storage container accessories to help you customise your installation.

  1. Keep company assets safe from fire damage.

Walk through and drive through Sanitiser Units help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus on your premises

Storage Units

Versatile general storage units with a load of features. Convenient portability and fast, easy assembly.

We are a leading provider of high quality Chemical Storage Units within the UK. Our Chemical Storage Units are especially developed and checked to ensure they are entirely suitable to store chemical materials in a safe and secure manner. 

Three versions available: Standard, Premier and Regal.

Unique design means it’s light enough to be man-portable but strong enough to rely on for secure storage of valuable items like bikes or garden tools. Ideal for narrow passageways to previously inaccessible locations.

Modular Spaces

Modular housing with a range of bespoke options. The perfect solution to extend living space to existing homes, or even for new comfortable accommodation.

The no fuss, fast way to create create a modern, comfortable work space. Our high-quality modular office units are designed to link to each other so you can create versatile, custom office spaces.

If you need a smaller space for work spaces like kiosks, Extenda-Kabin is the perfect solution.

Keep company assets safe from fire damage.

Walk through Sanitiser Units

Help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus on your site and boost safety with our new Walk-through Sanitiser Units. 

  • CE marked
  • EU Approved

The units use a spray disinfectant which is totally non-harmful to humans. Designed to offer all who use it a measure of sterilisation to aid against the spread of COVID-19. 

The complete Sanitising Unit is supplied on a stand-alone basis, and is most effective when positioned at an entrance.

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