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Expandable flat-packed container units for general storage, chemical storage, insulated storage, modular office and housing space, plus portable cabins and bike storage solutions.

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Storage Units

Our versatile storage units solve a range of permanent or temporary storage requirements.

General Storage Containers

From £1086 !

Don’t miss our new 2 x 6m containers, available in two colours!

Chemical Storage Units

From £2340!

Bike & Garden Storage

From £1110!

Our container units are easy to assemble using nuts and bolts supplied with the kit, they require no special tools.  Customers find being able to assemble and just as easily disassemble means they can use where and when required, and conveniently move or store flat when not in use. Storage units need to be assembled on a hard, level surface.

Garden Rooms

Hassle free, Modern and Most Affordable Steel Garden Room on the market.

25 year steel structure guarantee!

Whether you are utilising our Extenda Garden Room as an office, studio, mancave, gym or many more, our garden room will be capable of coping with the hottest of days and the coldest of winters, using our top tier 50mm insulation as standard. 
Please remember storage units need to be assembled on a hard, level surface.

Fully Insulated Storage Units

Versatile storage units solve a range of permanent or temporary storage requirements.

Fully insulated Storage Containers


Fully Insulated Chemical Storage Container

Insulated Chemical Storage Units

From £3700

Insulated Kiosks

From £2700

All COSHH Compliant and ideally suited for: 

• Construction sites
• Business parks and factories
• Agricultural and farm trades

Please remember storage units need to be assembled on a hard, level surface.

Modular Spaces

Versatile storage units solve a range of permanent or temporary storage requirements. Modular so they are endlessly expandable.

Office Space

Cabins and Kiosks

Housing and Accomodation

WC Unit

Your answer to a modern, comfortable living and working space. Our high-quality modular office units are designed to link each other easily so you can easily create versatile, custom spaces. Please remember storage units need to be assembled on a hard, level surface.

Interiors are designed to provide light and ventilation.  Durable interior walls are ready for your own touches and can accommodate surface mounted electrics. 

Hi-tech manufacturing and expert engineering produce structurally sound spaces using high quality, lightweight materials. This is backed skilled designers to ensure you get a modular office which will work for you. Flat-packed modular offices are ideal if you them in  areas which are not easily accessible such as narrow passageways and alleys, elevated levels or subways.  

Some great reasons to shop with us

The containers arrived bang on time, met our expectations and were placed in the right locations.
Our client, was impressed in the way in which the transport guys, Jozef and Ryan, operated their equipment and had all their documentation to hand. The vehicles appeared to be new and gave a very good impression. I would highly recommend your company and would be happy to use them again especially Jozef and Ryan. Thanks again.

Extendaline Modular Units: top quality materials and builds, experienced designers, skilled manufacturers, and expert installers

Extendaline operates in partnership with many highly skilled designers, engineers and installation specialists who are capable of transforming container units into the structures of your imagination. The result is a custom-built, durable, high-quality solution to your problem.

Extendaline’s main areas of business are Storage Space, Modular Offices, Chemical Storage and Storage Units, however we also cover a wide range of other sectors including:

  • Housing
  • Construction sites
  • Offices
  • Estates
  • Commercial complexes
  • Schools and Sports

Our team is ready to help you source your ideal storage or extension solution.

Providing: Flat Pack Containers, Flat Pack Storage Containers, Flat Pack Storage Solutions, Portable Storage Unit, Flat Pack Portable Cabins, Portable Storage Solutions, Portable Storage.

We can meet your fully customisable and modular requirements. 

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