• Length: 2m or 3m or 4m
  • Width: 2.1m
  • Height: 2.1m
  • All flat packed units are 300mm high
  • All assembled units are 2088mm high


  • It is also possible to order bespoke sizes.

  • 2m technical drawing

  • 3m technical drawing

  • 4m technical drawing

Technical details of storage units

Storage units are designed and developed with different specifications and these are un-insulated closed volume demountable storage containers. Easy to assemble all the units using nuts and bolts enclosed within the kit.

Please find the specifications:

Construction Components

The main construction elements of the man-portable building are as follows:

  • Chassis
  • Side wall panels
  •  Roof panel
  •  Door panel featuring the newly improved double locking system
  • Fastening elements
  • Forklift pockets with adjustable leveling feet (optional)



A profile frame with pre fitted 18mm grade 3 Norboard Canadian Sterling Board screwed to galvanized steel.


  • Box profile galvanised steel.
  • Side walls & Roof Panels
  • Profile designed into box type
  • Each profile is extended with galvanised steel panels of 0.50mm size
  • Edges of each panels designed with spot welded galvanised steel frame
  • Each roof of the man portable building consists of two integral gutters for effective drain out of rain water from all the conrners of the container.


  • Door frames are designed with galvanised steel sheets measured at min of 0.50mm and the steel sheets are coated with cold formed powder
  • Door panels are developed with spot welding process
  • Width of double door measured 1900mm and mounted on the right and left with outward opening
  • Door is equipped with door handle, central roller catch and 1250mm euro deadlock which can be replaceable
  • Doors can be equipped anywhere in the unit

Fastening Elements

  • Rods measured at 12mm diameter are used to assemble the roof to the chassis.
  • It also forms lifting eyes for use with a crane.
  • To prevent external access additional roof security bolts also supplied.


Packing of all chemical storage units are specially packed to ensure they are not damaged during transport and whilst loading and unloading the material on sites at any circumstances. The smallest transportation cube is achieved in this packing process.

Powder Coating

Customized powder coating is available with green (RAL 6005) or blue (RAL 5010). Upon demand other RAL range colors can be available.

Additional Information

No cost option is available for doors fitted in the long side.

Prices can be varied depending on the space or building specification and requirements, also depending on the delivery/installation logistics. You can also let us know if you have any specific requirement by contact us for a quotations.

Since we are into continuous development process, we have the right to change the specifications of materials without prior notice.