Modular Offices

Creating comfort working style at limited space

Extenda line aim to provide high quality modular office designs to our clients in the uk.Each product is developed at our manufacturing plant which is highly equipped with time tested technologies.our teams main aim is to design a potable modular office which accommodates limited space whilst still being convenient modern and very sturdy. We are backed by extremely skilled designers who ensure you get a desired modular office which is made with high quality materials but is light in weight. Our stringent development procedures give quality and strength and ensure each component is light weight.
We design modular offices at your upmost convenience that allow you access to move via narrow passageways and alleys. Backed by expert engineering, modular offices can be easily carried to an elevated area or subway.
Staff at our manufacturing company develop these products using highly efficient raw material that helps us to bring out the product with client specific requirements in mind. Modular offices that are designed at Extenda consists of various features such as

  • Easily movable to other locations,
  • Highly flexible to mount and dismantle on the sites,
  • Enriched look, quality,
  • Compatible to the kind of work stations
  • Offers long life
  • No special tools or machinery are required while mounting and dismantling
  • Units are designed to link each other easily
  • Easy to assemble and ready use in about 45min
  • Since the units are easily convertible into flat-pack form, these can be assembled and dismantled multiple times without detriment to the structure.

Types of customised modular office models in sizesExample of our Modular Offices

  • (L)2.250M x (W)2.302M x (H)2.345M
  • (L)3.315M x (W)2.302M x (H)2.345M
  • (L)4.380M x (W)2.302M x (H)2.345M

Process of manufacturing

  • Fully galvanised steel is used to make sure the product does not rust.
  • Cabins are designed with smooth paneling
  • Outside panels are finished with a powder coated moss green (Ral 6005)
  • Inside panels are finished with a powder coated white (Ral 9002)
  • Each unit consists of guttered roof
  • Units are featured with double glazed uPVC window fitted as standard
  • Interiors of the cabins are designed to provide enough light and air
  • Interior walls are durable and smart which are usually recommended for surface mounted electrics

Additional Benefit

To ensure there’s light without extra wiring and other components, Extenda line provides electric pack kit along with each modular office unit. The electric pack comprises of

  • consumer unit,
  • external CEE plug & socket,
  • one double socket outlet,
  • one light fitting,
  • one light switch,
  • one fused switch,
  • 10m * 1.5mm cable,
  • 10m * 2.5mm cable,
  • 3m * 16mm and 3m * 25mm self-adhesive trunking,
  • one 2kW convector heater

To find your desired products, you can browse the products and technical info page. We also provide online purchase facility the for convenience of our clients. To test the water and know more about the full range of our product details, please give us a call –  our product experts would be happy to answer any questions or queries you may have.