Technical Information

Modular office units are accommodation containers that are insulated closed volumes and demountable. These units can be easily assembled with the help of bolts and nuts which are enclosed along with the kit. By material these units are robust and sturdily designed and yet light weight. All the modular office units can be easily installed and dismantled. These modular office units are developed with various features available in 3 different sizes and wide range of accessories.

Technical specification

EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS (excluding gutter)
2250mm (L) x 2302mm (W). Weight: 620kg
3315mm (L) x 2302mm (W). Weight: 890kg
4380mm (L) x 2302mm (W). Weight: 982kg
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Technical details


Components involved in the construction

To ensure the strength and durability attributes along with unit components, Extenda always takes care of its components to ensure they are of the highest quality. List of components that are used in the construction of modular office units are mentioned

  • Side wall panels
  • Chassis with frame
  • Window panel
  • Roof panel
  • Door panel
  • Fastening element


  • Exterior cover of roof is furnished with 0.50mm powder coated box profile galvanised steel
  • Outer surface of the roof consists of two gutters to drain out the rain water from all the corners.
  • Interior surface is designed with vacuum bonded sandwich panels
  • Inner surface of walls finished with a powder coated white (Ral 9002)
  • Snow loading – 75kg/m2 evenly distributed.

Chassis/ Frame

  • Profile design is Box type
  • Corner columns are developed by hot dipped galvanised steel ranged – 1.5mm cold formed DKP steel
  • Complete frame is supplied with 4 lifting eyes
  • Each surface is powder coated with RAL 6005(Moss Green)
  • Entire floor board comprises of cement particles and covered with 2mm PVC linoleum with a flash point of B1 (hard to burn), smoke density Q1
  • Floor section is not insulated
  • Floor loading – 150kg/m2 evenly distributed


  • Window frames are designed with galvanised steel sheets measured at min of 1.25mm and the steel sheets are coated with cold formed powder
  • Each window is sturdily constructed with uPVC double glazed window frame and the frames are attached with vacuum sealed units (4+9+4)
  • The area of window size comes in 800mmx600mm
  • To extend the usability, vertically inward opening mechanism is used
  • Each window is equipped with single handle and lock
  • Windows can be fitted anywhere in the modular units


  • Are designed with vacuum bonded sandwich panels
  • Walls are insulated by 50mm polystyrene
  • Outer surface of walls finished with a powder coated moss green (Ral 6005)
  • Inner surface of walls finished with a powder coated white (Ral 9002)


  • Door frames are designed with galvanised steel sheets measured at min of 1.25mm and the steel sheets are coated with cold formed powder
  • Both exterior and interior surfaces are powder coated – external is coated with Moss Green where as internal is Off white
  • Thickness of door is 0.50mm
  • Door is equipped with door handle and euro cylinder lock which can be replaceable
  • Doors can be equipped anywhere in the unit

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Electrical equipment

  • To make sure the safety and user-friendly attributes, these modular office units are ensured with no electrical wiring and other electrical equipments
  • Electrical installation and equipments can be mounted at surface of the units



Since we are into continuous pursuit of development process, we have the right to change the specifications of materials without prior notice.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]