Chemical Storage

We are one of the leading providers of high quality chemical storage units which have become an ideal solution for storing the material in a safe and secure manner. These chemical storage units are widely used in a wide range of industries and also in different types of sectors. Owing to the benefits of easy to use, erecting and dismantling, we are able to satisfy our large range of clientele.Example of a Chemical Storage

  • Easily movable to other locations,
  • Highly flexible to mount and dismantle on the sites,
  • Enriched look, quality,
  • Compatible to the kind of work stations
  • Offers long life
  • No special tools and machinery are required while mounting and dismantling
  • Units are designed to link each other easily
  • Easy to assemble and ready use in about 45min
  • Since the units are easily convertible into flat-pack form, these can be assembled and dismantled multiple times without detriment to the structure.

The idea of chemical storage units is purely to provide an excellent flexibility along with the extended features of light enough components that are easily portable to anywhere on the site. We make sure every part of the components and unit are completely suitable to any kind of spaces such as:

  • Construction areas not having enough space design for other modules
  • Can be used at various types of business parks and factories
  • Chemical storage units also designed for the use of all types of agricultural and farm trades

The Chemical storage units from Extenda have numerous additional components and adornments that can be used to meet your all demands that include –

  • Available with full spectrum of sizes

    • Units can be easily integrated to develop large space
    • Designed with double doors for simple access
    • Sumped base is useful to gather spillages
    • Suspended floor grate
    • Racking units
    • Storage containers
    • Door closing kits

Chemical storage units are now available on-line and can be delivered to you anywhere. Visit our online store to connect with more variety of designs which are flexible and suited to your needs.